Risers bring tank openings to ground level

Allows for easy cleaning and servicing  with access to outlet filter

Eliminates digging for cleaning, inspections, etc.

Updates  septic tanks to Ontario Building Code

Supplied and installed

Effluent Filters


Installed at the outlet in the septic tank

Filter blocks fine solids from enter the distribution field

Prolongs the life of you system

Supplied and installed

Jump Start Live Bacteria Supplement Additive


For you septic system and it's benefits:

Septic system start up

Drain field and system remediation

Improving nitrogen removal

Reducing odours

High strength waste waters

FOG (Fat, Oil, & Grease) 

Problem septic systems

Septic System Repair


If your septic system fails a complete replacement could be very costly and rip up your entire yard. CLEAN and REPAIR with minimal disruption to your yard at a fraction of the cost.

Locate of distribution box and field tiles 

High pressure line cleaning of all field tiles

Enzyme infusion to strengthen field bacteria

Distribution field repairs

Clean up of all excavated sites

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