Basic Inspection: Homeowners, Buyers, Sellers & Brokers

Don't wait until closing to find out there's a problem with the septic system. This inspection will provide a description of the system and set recommendations and solutions to ensure the sale while educating the customer. Septic tank pumping is not required.

Advanced Inspection: Homeowners, Buyers, Sellers & Brokers

Complete inspection of the septic system. Full written report with photos including recommendations and building code updates. Requiring some excavation of distribution field.  

Annual Inspection & Effluent Sampling: Required For All Tertiary Systems

At time of inspection we service the system including filter cleaning and inspection of tank. We also provide additional servicing of these systems if required.

Installation of New or Replacement Septic System

We are a distributor of Waterloo BioFilter septic systems. 

Waterloo BioFilter Flatbed technology has proven itself to be the most reliable and robust advance septic system available. 

This system has the smallest system footprint fully approved in Ontario, Manitoba, and Masschachusetts, allowing you to make the most of your property.

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