Clean the tank every 4 years - this could add years to the life of your system and allows professionals to check for any problems before they become a safety  or environmental hazard

NO GARBAGE , toilet papers only!! IF you do not eat it first  - do not flush it down the toilet

Do not add materials such as chemicals, sanitary napkins, applicators, condoms, and so on other than wasterwater to your septic tank

Do not pour fat, grease or cooking oils down the drain. Grease hardens in the septic tank and accumulates until it clogs the inlet or outlet

Pesticides, paints, paint thinners, solvents, disinfectants, poisons, and other household chemicals should not be dumped down the drain into the septic system because they may kill soil micro organisms  that help purify the system

Keep surface waters away from the tank and drain field

Keep automobiles and heavy equipment off the septic tank and distribution field

JumpStart septic supplement is 100% bacteria that consumes FOG (fats, oild & grease) , sludge and promotes a healthy live septic tank helping to break down high strength sewage . It is safe, non-toxic and highly resilient to adverse conditions of PH, temperature, chemo drugs, hair dye chemcials and disinfectant use. Flush 2 litres down the drain spring and fall

ROOTS - Pour 2 cups Copper Sulfate down your toilet in spring and fall to keep roots from damaging your system